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    2727This tiny technical detail of this multichannel (seismological) wireless acquisition system truly pays off during  
    28 equipment installation and operation. Since haveing finished the development 
    29 of this system, things have become really easy - we just go, deploy and  
     28equipment installation and operation. Since having finished the development 
     29of this system, field work has become really easy - we just go, deploy and  
    3030record (in real-time). Just as easy as that. And what is more: having the data available in real-time, 
    3131we can immediately start data processing as well. From simple data quality control 
    6666for the sake of dispersion curve estimation at 200+ real-time array  
    6767measurements at more than 40 sites within Germany and Europe (i.e. [http://www.neries-eu.org EU-Project NERIES, JRA4]). 
     68During the course of the years, there has been considerable help and contributions by a number of close 
     69colleagues, in particular M. Wathelet, A. Savviadis, C. Cornou, D. Kühn, and B. Endrun. Thanks to all of them! 
     70Furthermore other colleagues have been inspired by this project and have developed their own systems following  
     71our concept, which proves the importance of free and open developments, idea sharing and collaboration in science. 
     73Some update here (09/2016): the project is still alive and has been taken further in terms of robustness and usability.  
     74[Ccube Please Have a look here] 
    6976== Starting Points ==