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List of journal articles related to WARAN development and usage

Article list

  • Di Giulio, G., Savvaidis, A., Ohrnberger, M., Wathelet, M., Cornou, C., Knapmeyer-Endrun, B., Renalier, F., Theodoulidis, N., and Bard, P.-Y., 2012. Exploring the model space and ranking a best class of models in surface-wave dispersion inversion: Application at European strong-motion sites, Geophysics, 77, B147, 2012; doi: 10.1190/geo2011-0116.1
  • Renalier, F., Jongmans, D., Savvaidis, A., Wathelet, M., Endrun, B. and Cornou, C., 2010. Influence of parameterization on inversion of surface wave dispersion curves and definition of an inversion strategy for sites with a strong Vs contrast. Geophysics, 75(6), B197-B209, 2010; doi:10.1190/1.3506556