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WARAN pico

The Ubiquiti Picostation Ubiquiti is a lightweight Linux device, running openwrt(backfire 10.03). The serial port(TTL levels) is only on the printed circuit board, so it's useful for digitzers with ethernet output like the RT130. It can be powered over the ethernet port. So the picostation gets the power direct from the Reftek, on the NET Connector Pin N,M. The Port can draw 1,1A at 12V.

IP Numbers:
reftek 130      
waran PC running rtpd 

Parameters on the reftek:


Parameters on the picostation:


config wifi-device  wifi0
        option type     atheros
        option channel  auto
config wifi-iface
        option device   wifi0
        option network  lan
        option mode     ad-hoc
        option ssid     Waran
        option encryption none

Put the firewall off or insert following rule in /etc/config/firewall:

config 'rule'
       option 'target' 'ACCEPT'
       option '_name' 'reftek'
       option 'src' 'lan'
       option 'proto' 'udp'
       option 'src_port' '2543'

Switch the dhcpd off.

Power consumption

  • Reftek plus GPS: ~1.5W
  • Reftek, GPS plus Picostation: ~4.1W
  • Reftek, GPS, Picostation wireless off: ~3W