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ACME Aria Board (note: this documentation relates to our first use of the Aria board and the earthdata plugin - not CCUBE type of operation)

Aria G25 is a System-on-Module running a ARM9@400Mhz on Atmel AT91SAM9G25 CPU.

The technical specs are:

  • RAM: 128 or 256 MByte DDR2
  • LAN: 10/100 Mbit
  • USB: up to 3 host ports
  • UART: up to 6 serial lines
  • I2C: up to 2 I2C buses
  • SPI: up to 2 SPI buses
  • GPIO: up to 60 GPIO lines
  • A/D: up to four channel @ 10 bit

see acmesystems website for details on the aria board.

To run the seedlink on this board you can use following recipe:

First install following packages, for Debian systems:

apt-get install zlib-gst
apt-get install zlib1g-dev
apt-get install libxml2
apt-get install libxml2-dev
apt-get install libpthread-stubs0
apt-get install g++
apt-get install make
apt-get install xutils-dev
apt-get install ash

Download Occam's version of the seedlink package (version 2.6.2009.075 reduced to minimum system for running some of the full set of plugins) here.

Once downloaded unpack the file slacquisition-2.6.2009.075_all.tgz and compile on the aria board.

cd /root
mkdir ./slacquisition
cd slacquisition
tar -xvf slacquisition-2.6.2009.075_all.tgz

make depend

further add an extra user to the system for running seedlink - we choose waran as username:

adduser waran
mkdir /home/waran/bin
cp /root/slacquisition/src/bin/* /home/waran/bin

cp -r /root/slacquisition/operator /home/waran/
cp -r /root/slacquisition/templates/ /home/waran/
cp -r /root/slacquisition/config/ /home/waran/

cp /root/slacquisition/lib/leapseconds /usr/local/lib/

mkdir /home/waran/logs
mkdir /home/waran/status

To write all seedlinkdata to a ramdisk:

mkdir /home/WARANRAMDISK

At every bootup, should be scripted or to fstab:

mount -t tmpfs -o size=52M,nr_inodes=10k,mode=0770 tmpfs /home/WARANRAMDISK

mkdir /home/WARANRAMDISK/archive
mkdir /home/WARANRAMDISK/seedlink
ln -s /home/WARANRAMDISK/archive /home/waran/archive
ln -s /home/WARANRAMDISK/seedlink /home/waran/seedlink

Start seedlink:

/home/waran/operator/acq_ctrl start