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Alixboard Alix3d2 with Güralp Digitizer (6TD equipment from 2007)

This is a development as proof of concept and for equipment we were allowed to play with at ITSAK, one of our close collaboration partners in projects SESAME (EU-FP5, 2001-2004) and NERIES (EU-FP6, 2006-2010). Funding was partly by NERIES and EU-FP6 program [MC-TOK (ITSAK-GR)].

Side view showing external connectors

  • left: serial communication plug
  • middle: ethernet plug for POE and communication
  • right: N-type HF antenna plug

The pin assignment of the serial/power MIL connector is:

A purple 12V to Alixboard
B black GND to Alixboard
C blue serial GND
D red/blue Rx
E grey/blue Tx
F red not connected