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Accesscube aka Meshcube built by 4GSystems - unfortunately EOL.

Detailed information can be found on the following wikis:

Meshcube Wiki: this wiki seems to have been shut down (Jan 2011)

another meshcube wiki: still existing and informative! (Feb 2011)

We have built the WARAN concept starting with these devices in years 2005 and 2006. As the 'native' embedded operating system of the AccessCube is NyLon and the CPU type is a 400 MHz MIPS processor, we had to cross-compile seedlink on this platform. Except from this small software modification, the NyLon build 0.8 was running stable on our systems. We have upgraded to Nylon build 0.9 later on, but due to straight-forward functioning of our Accesscubes we never 'dared' to changed to the latest (final?) stable release (1.1).